Available Nets

These are my latest selection of nets available for immediate delivery.

For the last several years I have listed the nets that I have in stock each spring before trout opener and again in the late fall before Christmas. I appreciate all of the kind comments and feedback that I have received. Each of my landing nets are unique so the nets I have in stock will vary. 

Selecting a net isn't always the easy.  No one style of landing net can cover all situations in fishing. The net to handle a 30 inch salmon won't work very well climbing up the steep rocks of a small mountain stream.  When in doubt I would suggest a landing net with a traditional medium sized hoop, about 34-36 inches in circumference.  

The small Tenkara and brook trout nets with a hoop circumference of about 25-32 inches, are best reserved for small tight waters, where a 12 inch fish is a trophy.  The appropriate size net will handle the fish with the least injury and give the best frame for a picture. 

If you fish mainly larger waters and the steelhead are in your blood, the larger sized hoop is best. I make big fish carry nets with 42, 45 and 52 inch circumference frames.  

Picking a handle length, by far the most popular length is 8-10 inches.  Mainly because of the comfort in carrying the net on ones back. There are special situations where a slightly shorter or longer net is best.  When wading is difficult because of age or because of the nature of the river, a longer handle may be an advantage. Similar in very tight cover with lots of bush and fallen timber the shorter hand can be best.

All the nets shown here are completely finished and ready for shipping. I can not easily add inscriptions or personal messages to these nets.  This must be added before the final finish is completed. (I can refinish the net but there is a $75 up charge and a 6 week delay.)    You may request a custom order, current waiting time is about 4 months and an inscription can be added at no extra change. 

I would be glad to send additional pictures of any of these nets to aid you in making a final selection.