About the Nets

Landing Net Construction

I personally manufacture each of these landing nets starting with select hardwoods. The rough lumber is re-sawed and milled into strips oriented to best display the wood's grain when finished. Using waterproof glues and pressure, the handle inset and hardwood strips are laminated together. After the initial construction, additional layers of laminated wood are added where the handle and hoop meet, strengthening a trout net's most vulnerable joint. These multiple layers provide strength to the handle and hoop as well as allow a variety of artistic options.

After hand shaping and smoothing, custom features (each crafted by hand) such as inlays, carvings and inscriptions may be added.

Following a final detailed sanding the landing net is put through a ten step finishing process. Multiple coats of an epoxy finish are applied in a temperature and dust controlled environment to create a protective covering and to further strengthen the wood. Either a matte finish (a good choice for active use because it hides minor scuffs and scratches) or a high gloss finish for those who enjoy a highly polished appearance (excellent for display) may be selected. The finish is highly water and alcohol resistant. A turned brass eye, which I machine and polish in my shop is added to the handle end. The nets can be strung with either a traditional net bag or a catch and release net bag depending on your personal preference. Each of these landing nets is signed and numbered.