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My Favorite Ear Muffs

March 07, 2017

three ear muff noise protectors in a group.

Since the people in your life shopping for Christmas, won't find this blog there is very little chance it will result in you getting these under the Christmas tree, so you should feel free to buy them for your self. Over the years I have had the privilege to trial and destroy numerous tools. (Unfortunately I have had to buy them myself).

Occasionally there seems to be a brand that survives long enough that I would be remiss in not relating this to the world or the two or three people that may read this blog. I have used ear muffs in my shop almost continuously since I started making nets 25 years ago. I enjoy listening to radio as I work, and have found that most "Work-muff-radios" last about 1-2 years before they would no longer provide a reliable signal. Enter my latest purchase that is now 3 ( now 5) years old and still providing steady service. Based on this highly unscientific sampling, the Howard Leight brand by Honeywell have been a real hit in my shop.... a real 5 star product.