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Building a custom wooden Landing Net.

March 11, 2019

Building a custom wooden Landing Net.

For the past 25 years I have built landing nets, first as a hobby and now making a limited number of nets (40-50) available for sale. The technique of net frame construction was originally shared with me by Ron Reinhold, a master net maker from Traverse City, Michigan.

Those techniques have undergone further refinement and I would like to repay his kindness by sharing them with you. This method uses a particle board form cut to the shape of the landing net hoop. Inner tube tire is cut into long 1 inch wide strips. The rubber strips are used to clamp the four glue covered 1/8 thick wood laminates onto the mold and handle inset. After 24 hours the frame is unwrapped from the form and the particle board mold removed.  The net frame is now ready for final shaping and finishing. Detailed step by step instructions are available on my DVD.

Basic net parts

The wood strips, handle inset and net mold are readied.


Rubber Strips

Rubber strips cut and ready to use.


Wood Strips

The wood strips are glued and ready to be clamped.


Starting to wrap the net

Starting to wrap the net.


Net frame wrapped, now gluing the handle

Net frame wrapped, now gluing the handle.


Starting the final wraps

Starting the final wraps on the frame and handle.


Finishing the wrapping

The finished glue up.