Medium sized , Uniquely shaped Custom Landing Net: The Snake, Boxelder and Walnut

 A lot of fishermen seem to stand at my booth and try to envision using the curved handled nets.

When I started carving curved handles, I wondered how a compound curve would look and feel. I can tell you, I like it. The natural double curve seems to slide the net under the fish. Whether it is just in my head is another opinion.

The 14 inch black walnut handle seems to hug my back rather than sticking out. The 10.5 x 10.5 hoop, 36 inch circumference,  is comfortable to carry and handles a nice fish. Unfortunately I hand carve each handle so there won't be a big supply.  I can work with you and vary the curve of the handle to fit your ideas. 

Priced $300 - $400 depending on selection of wood and complexity of the handle. 


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