Catch and release, Nylon Landing Net Bags

I looked along time before I found a USA supplier of custom landing net bags.   I wanted a soft nylon net bag with gently curved bottom, so not to over bend the spine of a fish you wish to release and cause unintended injury. These bags are made of a soft nylon with a fine mesh to avoid fin injury. They are made in the USA, each net net is hand-sewn so there is a degree of variation, this is particularly noticeable in the smaller sizes.    

To select the correct size of net bag for your net, measure the circumference of your landing nets hoop (as pictured).

32 inch circumference - 10 inches deep

34 inch circumference  - 11 inches deep

36 inch circumference - 11 inches deep

42 inch circumference - 16 inches deep

45 inch circumference - 18 inches deep

54 inch circumference - 20 inches deep

65 inch circumference - 22 inches deep

 72 inch circumference - 24 inches deep

The net bags maybe selected by scrolling through size choices. Priced starting $13.50.

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