Landing Net Building Class: Marc Adams School of Woodworking 2018

I will be conducting a class on net building, at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking April 2018

Contact Marc Adams School of Woodworking directly to register. 

This class will start with an overview of the various methods for constructing landing nets as well as design considerations. On the first day, students will be shown quick and easy methods for developing a custom wooden net of their own design.

Participants will develop their own pattern then build a gluing form and handle inset. There will be  a demo on how to prepare wooden strips for the bending as well as the bending process. Students will have a chance to practice their skill at wood bending. After a discussion of clamping systems, students will glue their own net frame. At the end of day one, there will be a discussion of decorating and finishing techniques.

On the second day, students will remove the net frame from the form. There will be a demonstration of the machining and sanding steps to produce the base frame. Each student will be taking the frame they made through each step.  The students will hand shape the handle to a personally pleasing contour before starting the final sanding and detailing. After a discussion of net bag attachment techniques, the students will be guided in the steps to complete their net. Along the way there should be time to discuss fishing, flies and life.

Key Points:

  • History of landing nets
  • Construction
  • An easy method of design
  • Development
  • Quick and easy wood bending
  • Preserving symmetry with centerlines and registration marks
  • Successful clamping and gluing of complex parts

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