Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Medium Fly Fishing Net of Maple Burl and Mahogany


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Deposit and Final Pricing.

This net has a multi-piece Maple Burl handle that is about 9 inches long. The 13 x 10 hoop is a combination of maple and mahogany with a soft nylon catch and release net bag. The mahogany enhances the reddish tone of the burl.  The net is about 22 inches overall.

The wood for this handle comes from the odd knobs you see on the trunk of a tree.  The grain in these growths is colored and swirled.  One never knows how it will look but it is often very special. I made the net handle in sections because of the multiple flaws present in this highly figured wood. 

This style of net maybe ordered as a custom net in variety of woods or with a ghost net bag and a slightly larger hoop    My nets have a deep epoxy finish and are signed and numbered. All nets have a custom shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.

Also available as special order there is a $100 refundable deposit, I will email you for confirmation of details.