Back in the shop, spring is just around the corner.

Large Oval Hoop Landing Net in Walnut, Ash and Cherry


 I wanted a landing net frame that would hold a large nylon bag and yet be comfortable to carry. This oval hoop is the result.  The net in about 31 inches long with a 14 inch handle and a 17 x 10.5 inch hoop.  The frame is a combination of maple and mahogany with a handle of walnut. The net has my unique epoxy finish then is hand rubbed to a mat finish.  This net can be re-strung with one of the "rubber" style bags. (will add $30)

This fly fishing net is also available in a variety of woods, handle shapes and hoop sizes. All nets feature a soft nylon catch and release bag but may be fitted with a ghost bag, as a custom option with a slightly larger hoop size.  Finished with multiple coats of epoxy. All nets are signed and numbered. There is a $100 refundable deposit for a custom net, with up to a 12 month wait time. I will email you for confirmation of details.