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Custom Router Bits for landing net construction


Over the years I have read and heard about so many frankly scary methods of cutting the groove in the frame of the landing net, that I decided to share with other net builders the same style of custom router bit that I use.  

Originally I had the wing cutters custom made by a local firm serving the furniture industry here in Grand Rapids.  When I tried to re-ordered the firm had been sold to a large national firm and they were no longer interested in this small volume work.  Luckily I have a fishing friend in the auto supply industry and I was able to find a Korean manufacturer who was able to supply a wing cutter of similar quality. Both the HSS and Carbide wing cutters are made in Korea. The arbor and bearings are made in China.

This router bit consists of a custom wing slot cutter about 1.075 inches in diameter and two 7/8 inch ball bearings on an extended router arbor.  It cuts a groove that is approximately 80/1000 of an inch wide and 100/1000 (1/10th) of an inch deep. ( 1/8 inch is about 0.125 inch or 125/1000th)

I recommend  the 1/2 inch shaft as it will have less flex and vibration. This router bit is for use on a router table.

The High Speed Steel (HSS) Wing Cutter is $50, this cutter has essentially no set to the cutting teeth, this may cause burning with a heavy cut or in some woods. First I find if there is pitch/resin/crud on the bit it will burn. Clean it with something like Simple green or Zep.  You can also decrease the burn by adjusting the feed rate or router speed. 

I have had 2 customers report bearing problems, these are an inexpensive bearing and there isn't a way I can test them to avoid failure. I haven't seen the problem in my shop.  I don't tend to push very hard into the bit and my router has a maximum speed of 21,000 rpm. If a bearing is starting to make noise or burn, stop, it shouldn't.  A replacement bearing should be about $5 or less. 

The Carbide Wing Cutter is $85, this cutter is best for those who are making multiple nets. 

They are selected under options with your choice of 1/4 or 1/2 inch arbors. The router bit is complete with the selected wing cutter, arbor and the two ball bearings 

I just want to reassure everyone that the government says there is no inflation its just that everything is costing more.  Go figure. 

Good news today, I have found an American supplier for the router arbors, there is a  minimal difference in cost compared to the imported product, though like everything else, there continues to be price creep. (The arbors went up $3.00 between the time they were ordered and delivery. )


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