Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Small Tenkara-style wooden landing net: Sycamore with Walnut accent


This Tenkara style net has a 13 inch handle of quarter sawn Sycamore and a 10 x 9 inch circular hoop of sycamore with an accent strip of Texas ebony. (about 32 inch circumference).  There is a small accent segment of walnut in the handle.

Sycamore is heavily figured when carefully cut into lumber, staying as perpendicular to the growth rings as possible.  The heavy figure has given rise to the name of American lace wood.

The amount of force required to make a circular hoop was surprising, these continue to be a challenge and are on the edge of feasibility. That is why I keep making them.  (Nuts-o)   This style can be custom ordered in a variety of woods. The net has a deep epoxy finish. All of my fly fishing nets are signed and numbered.

If you are interested in a similar net with custom woods or features it is available as special order, with a 6-12 month wait time.  Please contact me if your are interested in  a custom order to confirm details. (

The net, as shown, is a available for immediate shipping. The pictures are of the net you will receive.