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Catch and Release Ghost Style, Rubber Landing Net Bags


As I have interacted with net builders over the years they report a problem finding quality "rubber" or "plastic"  type net bags.  I have found that the clear ghost net bags will stain in waters with a high tannin content (think Eastern US).   I also have a black rubber/plastic bag in some of the sizes. I find that the black bags look better in photos, offering a nice back ground color.  I use these bags and find they will develop  holes and tears. My guide friends tend to get 1-2 seasons from a net bag.  I get 4-5 seasons.  (A pike in these bags isn't always pretty.) If you fish a lot of pike, you will want the heavier rubber bags that are designed for still water.

As with all net bags, you will need to measure the circumference of the landing net hoop to determine which is the best size for your net (see picture ). These are lighter rubber net bags, made for use in flowing water. There is a disadvantage that their product life is not as long as the heavy lake style bags. These plastic net bags have some "give" and will fit net frame slightly larger or smaller. I have cut off the loops when fitting the bag to a slightly smaller frame or into a frame that has had holes already drilled in the net frame. The measurements listed are the circumference size of hoop that I find works best for each bag.

A bit of caution,  if you use a string or cord to attach the net, you can cut through the material if you apply too much force. A helpful hint for attaching a net bag or a fast repair is to use a zip tie.   Strong, easy and quick. Feel to contact me for questions or if you have larger order (greater 10 net bags for pricing). The measurement of these bags is an approximation, as they have a fair amount of stretch and a row of loops maybe cut off to vary the size.

About a new style bag that I am carrying.  I have a 56-59 inch circumference bag, in a lighter weight. It is the same material just everything is slightly thinner.  They weight about 5 oz (about the same weight as the smallest net bag or about 1/2 the weight of a my standard net bag in the same size.) That is the good news.  I am concerned about their durability.  They will make a nice trout net but I wouldn't want to put a northern pike in this net bag.  I think they look best with the loops cut off.

I supply a length of the same nylon cord I use for stringing my nets, with all net bag purchases. 


40-42 inch circumference - 10 inches deep  (ghost or black)

44-47 inch circumference - 12 inches deep (ghost or black)

47-50 inch circumference - 14 inches deep   (ghost or black)

55-60 inch circumference - 14 inches deep   (ghost or black)

56-59 inch circumference- 14 inches deep   (light weight ghost bag or black)

70-74 inch circumference - 20 inches deep (ghost or black)

The net bags maybe selected by scrolling through size choices.

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