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Medium Sized Landing Net of Cherry and Ash


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This is a popular net for both its size and appearance.  The hoop inspired by a net made by Lyle Dickerson is very functional.  The 9 inch curly cherry handle combines with the 9 x 13 inch hoop of ash and cherry. The handle is capped with elk antler and a brass wire braid.  The net is finish with 8 coats of epoxy enhancing both durability and appearance.  Inset into the handle is a scrimshaw of a Royal coachman dry fly. The combination of color, woods and features, comes together in a delightful way, the net just feels happy. 

This style of net can be custom ordered with slightly larger frame fitting a ghost style bag at slightly higher pricing.  The net has a deep epoxy finish. All of my fly fishing nets are signed and numbered. All nets have a custom in shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.