Back in the shop, spring is just around the corner.

Medium sized Fly Fishing Net: Deer Antler and Cherry


This style of net was born of a conversation, "Have you ever"  is such an easy question. Well now I can answer, "Yes I have".  This net features a handle made from the main beam of a deer antler to the first fork.  I make an individual form to fit the antler and add layers of wood so there is a smooth transition from the antler to the hoop. The cherry  hoop compliments the earth tones of the antler handle. The hoop measures about 10 x 13.5 inches with an 8  inch handle, the net measures about 21.5 inches overall.  The net makes a striking display piece. It has a deep multi-coat epoxy finish. 

All my nets are signed and numbered. They have a custom shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.