I am off learning and teaching at Marc Adams School of Wood Working, expect shipping delays for next 2 weeks..

Medium sized Fly Fishing Net: Deer Antler and Walnut


David Ruimveld is an artist who's work I have admired for years, while talking about his art work he envisioned a net he could use in his art work.  Ruimveld then painted Trout Dreams. 

This style of net was born of that conversation. The dark walnut frame compliments the deep tones of the antler handle. The hoop measures about 9 x 11.5 inches with a 10 inch handle, the net measuring about 22 inches overall.  There is a brass wire wrap in the area of the junction of the antler and walnut adds a striking transition. The net makes a striking display piece. It has a deep multi-coat epoxy finish.  I have chosen a dark green soft nylon net bag that seems to enhance the colors of the walnut and antler.  Available as a custom order with a slightly larger hoop with a ghost style net bag. 

All my nets are signed and numbered. They have a custom shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.

Check out more of David Ruimveld's art work at:  www.DavidRuimveldStudio.com