Back in the saddle and chasing steelhead! Hoping to get to the lath and make some brass eyes.

Medium Landing Net in Leopard wood and lace


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This net features leopard wood and sycamore. The leopard wood is also called  snake wood and the quarter sawn sycamore is sometimes referred to as American lacewood. I tried to combined the pattern of the woods with their contrasting colors for this net. The 9.5 inch handle combines the two woods with an inset of rose wood.  The handle is capped with a deer antler burr with a brass wire wrap. The hoop is sycamore. The net is about 22 inches long.

A little story about the hoop, for 20 years GB carried the paper pattern of an old broken landing net he had seen while fishing in the Adirondacks.  During a conversation, he told me the story of this broken trout net and the pattern. This fly fishing net is the result of translating that paper pattern into wood. The hoop is elongated was about 14 x 8 inches.

This fly fishing net is also available in a variety of woods, handle shapes and hoop sizes. All nets feature a soft nylon catch and release bag but may be fitted with a ghost bag, as a custom option with a slightly larger hoop size.  The net is finished with multiple coats of epoxy. All nets are signed and numbered.