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Landing Net Building Class



I demonstrate landing net building and construction methods at a variety of fly shows and locations throughout the year.   I also offer classes are designed for a student to complete a landing net during the class. The class will cover design, wood selection, wood bending, gluing and machining as well as finishing. Small group and individual classes at my home shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Classes run $600/student in group classes. I also provide individual instruction at $500/day. My minimum class is 2 days that is required to build a net. Timing and information covered is flexible.  Please contact me to schedule your date.  I also offer one day classes that may be tailored to your needs. 

Key Points:

  • History of landing nets
  • Construction over view
  • An easy methods of design
  • Quick and easy wood bending
  • Preserving symmetry with center lines and registration marks
  • Successful clamping and gluing of complex parts
  • Machine safety and set up
  • Machining and shaping
  • Customizing and finishing. 

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