Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Medium GB Special Hoop Net in unusual shades of Walnut


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This net is 23.5 inches overall. The hoop is 14 x 8 inches and the handle 10 inches. The hoop is an elongated style patterned after a net a fishing guide ask me to build.

It is the wood makes this net unusual. The entire net is unusually dark American black walnut.  The heart wood of walnut is a dark wood and the outer layers of the tree, sap wood, are a lighter almost white in color.  As the wood in the living tree ages, the sapwood takes on the deeper tones as the tree continues to add new layers of sap/surface wood.  The wood in this net was air dried for about 3-5 years which preserved the contrast in color.  Most lumber is dried in a wood kiln using stream which creates a more uniform color but with loss of the lighter wood.  I found a small piece of this wood when I was sorting through a selection of odd pieces. Not a combination of color and tone that one often sees.  This is a one a done net as I rarely see this dark of wood.  

To further compliment the color of the wood, I added an inset of caribou to the handle with a nickel-silver wire braid and eye. (Instead of the usual brass.)

If you are interested in a similar net with custom woods or features it is available as special order, with a 6-12 month wait time.  Please contact me if your are interested in  a custom order to confirm details. (

The net, as shown, is a available for immediate shipping. The pictures are of the net you will receive.