Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Classic Style, Medium sized Landing Net


– Sold Out

As I acquired nice rods, finely made reels and good friends over the last 40 years,  I found that fishing wasn't a game of numbers but a game of memories.  When I made my first net I found another pleasure.  This was the first style of the first landing net that I made.  I thinks it looks back to classic English trout streams,  catching some of that same feeling. This landing net's "traditional" hoop shape is modified from a classic Valentine heart.  I think of as my Classic handle and hoop. It is a very good selection for general trout fishing.

The net as pictured is of American chestnut, green ash and American black walnut. All of these trees grew in the hardwood forests of the East. This net has a 10 inch handle, 13 x 9 inch hoop.

Similar custom landing nets are priced starting $260 varying with wood and options added.  All nets feature a soft nylon catch and release bag or may be fitted with a ghost bag with a slightly hoop, as a custom option.  All nets are signed and numbered.  They feature my unique epoxy finish to enhance and protect.