Medium sized Fly Fishing Net : Chestnut Tenkara "Fallen Giants"

#618-12:  The Chestnut trees were the giants of the primeval forest in North America when first settled. Under these trees the ground was so shaded that man and animal could pass freely. This forest was lost to a fungus invading from Asia in the 1890's. From the barns and houses of the 1800's and early 1900's, boards of this wood are recovered for re-use.   In addistion a young tree will push up from the roots left in place,  only to be killed by the same disease. This lumber is part of the American soil and heritage.

This net is a slightly larger Tenkara-style net to be carried along those same rivers where those giants flourished. The chestnut handle measures 14 inches with a 12 x 11 inch hoop, 36 inch circumference, of American Ash and Elm. All of these are native trees we are losing to invasive species. 

Priced $260.  I request a $100 deposit at the time of your order, estimated 4 month delay. I can create a net in a variety of styles with the same woods, please email me your ideas. Prices will vary.  

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