Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Medium Net in Birds-eye Maple, Texas Ebony and Deer Antler


This is one of my favorite designs. Why? First it has a very functional hoop size for use and the short handle makes it easy to carry. Add to that the beauty of the woods that seem to "pop" under the epoxy finish.  Doesn't get much better.  

The woods in this landing net are from about as far north and south as you can go in the United States. The Texas ebony is an urban harvest wood that was wrangled from the junk heaps and burn piles in south Texas. I was lucky to find a recycler and stocked up a  small supply. (The needed quantity for a life time supply keeps getting smaller).  

From the Upper Peninsula of Michigan comes the birds eye maple. I am always looking for that occasional board that has the dense eyes and creamy color. These woods combine delightfully in this net with a deer antler cap.

I find the slightly rounder hoop about 10 x 12 inches, 36 inch circumference, with a 9 inch handle gives a very balanced look. This is a style that I always try to keep in stock.

Each net is signed and numbered.  All nets have a custom shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.  This net can be made with a slightly larger hoop for a rubber style bag. (+$50).  It maybe also be constructed of walnut with lower pricing.

There is a $100 refundable deposit, with up to a 12 month wait time. I will email you for confirmation of details.