Medium sized, Custom Fly Fishing Net : Beautiful Burl

Every once-in-a-while I get a piece of burl, a knotty out-growth from the trunk of a tree.  It is always a mystery as the burl sits on the floor and I try to divine the best way to cut it into the most usuable pieces with the best grain.  Often I am left with an "I shoulda" moment.  When I guess right, the result is spectacular. This net features the slightly curve "wind in the willows" handle 8 inch handle and an GB special style hoop of maple and walnut.  These nets are always one of a kind. I got this one right. 

This style can be custom ordered with slightly larger frame fitting a ghost style bag at similar pricing. Hand made in the USA. The net has a deep epoxy finish. All of my fly fishing nets are signed and numbered. All nets have a custom in shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.

Priced $300-400 (depending on burl) : there is a $100 deposit, estimated 4 month build time. 

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