Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Landing Net Handle with Hidden Images in the Wood


– Sold Out

You are walking down the river and there in the bottom of a pool you see a trout, it rolls and drifts. How did that fish just disappear? As I have grown older I enjoy looking for and fishing to working fish. If I am successful I like to pause for a moment to really try and see the individuality of a fish before I release it.

Now I look for wood and figure where I can see an image in that piece of lumber.  I have added just enough detail so you can see it too.  The trout for each of these nets is drawn and inlaid by hand. No lasers or computers were harmed in the production of these nets.

The handle is birds eye maple selected so the tones in the wood enhance the inlay. There is a limited accent of walnut for contrast.   Each fish is individually drawn, then incised and inlaid.  I started with a brown trout and have added a brook trout and rainbow trout to the mix. The nets are inlaid with brass, wood and colored stone. The net has an epoxy finish and is available with a nylon bag. A ghost style bag is available as a custom order with a slightly larger hoop. Each of my nets are signed and numbered before leaving the shop.

 A design I enjoy making and sharing. Please send me an email about your special order.  Typically priced $400-500.