Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Decorative Landing Nets: Why Not?

 Why strive to make a custom decorative landing net.

This is a question that is very reasonable to ask but difficult to answer. I think it all started when I started catching fish and felt I was a pretty good angler. I caught a nice trout and brought it quickly to hand. By the time I was ready to release it, the fish was clearly dying. I started to think, How many fish do I need to catch to have a good day of fishing? Do I need to kill?

I thought of all the times my conversation turned to: "How many did you catch". As if that defined how much "fun" we have. I realized how many times when I had that "great" day of fishing, I couldn't remember a single individual fish.  I started to slow down and look at each fish, to remember as much as I could about the moment. I read about the hunters of the past who honored their prey. Who decorated their weapons, who stopped to see the spirit of the animal they had taken.  A decorative landing net isn't much, but is the best I can offer to the creator and the creation.