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Traditional, Hand-made Knotted Nylon Net Bags.


I have requests for traditional woven net bags at times. These net bags are hand woven in the far east, so there is variation and the occasional imperfection. I inspect the bags before they are shipped but a defect may slip past me.  I also wash the bags to remove the starch use to stiffen the cord during manufacturing, this may need to be repeated. The nylon cord used is not the stiff plastic nylon used for inexpensive nets but a nylon thread looking much like cotton cord. The nylon does not rot like cotton but unlike cotton does not get softer when wet.  

These net bags have a nice tradition appearance and are perfect when making a net for a decorative display.  They also are very durable if used but they are not as fish friendly as the soft nylon or rubber net bags. For the traditionalist that would like to carry this bag, look at Kelly Gallops DVD on Nymph Fishing, he is using a net with a knotted net bag. 

To paraphrase Henry Ford, I have any color you want as long as it is kaki.

The net bags have about 40-43 loops, depending on the manufacturing (remember hand woven). They are about 24 inches deep. Because of the way they expand the net bag looks good in a net anywhere between 34 inches and 44 inches in circumference.

I supply a length of the same nylon cord I use for stringing my nets, with all net bag purchases. 




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