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Landing Net Building Class: October 21, 2023



I have demonstrated landing net building and construction methods at a variety of fly shows and programs over the the years.   I have also offer weekend classes which are designed for a student to complete a landing net frame over 2 days. The classes cover design, wood selection, wood bending, gluing and machining as well as finishing. Small group classes are at my home shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and are limited to 4 students.  I also provide individual instruction at $600/day. (My minimum private class is 2 days as that is the minimum time needed to build a net frame.) (For private classes the timing and information covered are flexible.)  Please contact me to schedule your date. 

I will teaching a class for 4 students this October 21, 2023. The Saturday and Sunday class will cover the basic construction methods. For students wanting addition teaching, the class will continue on Monday and Tuesday covering finishing as well as decorative details.  The fee is $250 per student/day. There is a $50 material fee.

Start time daily: 8:30 AM, 4:00 clean up and 5:00 departure. Lunch is provided.

Saturday:  Introductions, Net design, selection of woods for handle and hoop, making wood strips, bending strips, designing net mold.  Preparing materials for glue up. Discussion of options for clamping and glues. Gluing up of landing net. 

Sun: Machining, shaping and sanding of net.  Prep net for finishing.  Discussion of net bags and attachment options. (There will be a demonstration and hands on application of finish for student(s) that are not able to attend Monday and Tuesday class.)

Monday:  Application of finish. (All of the student's nets can have application of the finish  [the net(s) will be sent to the weekend only student after the finish hardens] While the finish is setting, the students will build their own finishing station. (materials are provided as part of class fee).  The students will explore areas of interest including the following options as time permit : Working with a metal lathe, fixing finish flaws, scrimshaw art, brass inlay work, multi-piece handles, jigs and fixtures, design and construct a custom net form, building of gluing vise, working with antler, setting up a band saw.

Tuesday: Drilling of net frame and stringing net bag. Continue to explore areas of interest. Finish up of pending work.  Class ends at 4:00 pm.

Key Points:

  • History of landing nets
  • Construction over view
  • An easy methods of design
  • Quick and easy wood bending
  • Preserving symmetry with center lines and registration marks
  • Successful clamping and gluing of complex parts
  • Machine safety and set up
  • Machining and shaping
  • Customizing and finishing. 

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