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Selecting the wood for your landing net.

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Of all the steps in selecting a landing net, selecting the wood seems the most overwhelming for many people. Unless there is a specific species of wood you want,  don't worry about it.  Either select a net on the website and say "something like net #000".  or   Think of this as a decision matrix.

Dark (browns and reds) handle, dark wood hoop

Dark handle, light wood hoop

Dark handle,  mixed light and dark woods for the hoop.

Light (creams and tans) handle, dark wood hoop

Light handle, light  wood hoop

Light handle, mixed light and dark woods for the hoop 

Pick out the combination you like, then let me offer some specific suggestions of the woods that match your vision for the net and your budget.  

My landing nets start at $220 and will vary in price  depending on the woods selected and added features. 



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