Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Medium sized Fly Fishing Net: Koa and Quilted Maple


Special woods & special stories. This is a beautiful and functional traditionally sized landing net, 22 inches overall, 8 inch handle, and 13 x 9 inch Dickerson hoop. 

 I was originally asked to make a net for a sportsman using Koa and I was able to find a small supplier in Hawaii that would tell me where each of the trees he harvested had grown and had fallen.  The Koa he supplied forms the hoop and handle butt.  The maple is from a small saw mill in Iowa.  When I first started making nets I went to the mill with my father.  Walking across the mill yard, there was a small block of wood covered by mud and grime, the grain just barely showed through.  When I bought my lumber I asked about that small board and they replied "Just take it."  I cut it into small planks and let it dry.  When I finally used that wood, I found that it had some of the highest figured and the most iridescent grain that I have ever seem.  I think the rest of that log ended up in pallets. 

The net has a deep epoxy finish.  I still have a small supply of this wood and can make a net as a special order with a slightly larger hoop for a ghost style net bag. All nets have a custom shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt. The net is signed and numbered.

There is a $100 refundable deposit, with up to a 12 month wait time. I will email you for confirmation of details.

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