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Gear motor for final finish.


After reviewing my DVD on net building, some of my fellow woodworkers have adopted my method of finishing their landing net(s).  They report frustration in finding the right gear motor.  I bought a small lot of motors at an auction and have made them available to my students in the past.  After several requests I have decided to offer them on the website.  The right speed of rotation is important, too much speed and the finish will be driven out to the edges of the object by centrifugal force, too little and the finish will not level out across the object.

The motor I offer is a 110 volt continuous duty motor 7 rpm gear motor. When you build your finishing fixture,  I suggest that you put two pulleys in the system so you can hand rotate while applying the finish and because weird stuff happens when you leave an object to rotate for hours.  I supply two small collars to step the shaft of the motor up to 5/8 inch, this allows you to use standard sized pulleys.

As an aside, I also use this system to apply finish to bowls and other projects, any time I want a 360 degree finish without drips.

Because of the weight, I do not ship motors internationally.

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