Back in the saddle and chasing steelhead! Hoping to get to the lath and make some brass eyes.

Medium sized, Wind in the Willows Landing Net Design, Cherry & Walnut


– Sold Out

Mother Nature gave me this design. I found a curved intrusion in a beautifully grained piece of wood. I was intrigued and cut out a handle following its shape. The finished landing net reminded me of a willow bent by the wind next to a favorite trout stream.  I continue to look at boards to find grain that follows the curved lines of this handle. The net has a deep epoxy finish to enhance and protect.

This net has a handle of cherry with a cherry and walnut hoop. There is a walnut handle cap.   The handle is about 9 inches with a 13 x 10 inch hoop. It is about 22 inches overall.  

 This fly fishing net style is also available in a variety of woods, hoop shapes and sizes. All nets feature a soft nylon catch and release bag or may be fitted with a ghost bag, as a custom option. All my nets are signed and numbered.  

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