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Selecting a custom Landing Net: Hoop and handle styles.

Please don't get confused by the names of my hoop and handle styles.  I have been building and thinking about landing nets for over 25 years and have developed my own jargon to describe my nets, often with a story connected to the person who inspired that design.  All of my nets are all functional designs. Pick the style that pleases you.

As you look through the galleries of past nets and currently available nets, let me know if you see the wood of one net,  the handle of another and hoop of still another net that you would like combined into your own custom net. Together we can create a new story.

 Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, buying one of these nets is meant to be fun not frustrating.  My nets typically start at $220 and vary in price with the wood selected and the complexity of the added features.

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