About Custom Orders for your own custom fly fishing landing net

I offer the possibility of ordering a custom net to add to your fishing equipment or as a gift.

I grew up on a farm that contained the collected tools for almost 4 generations of farmers.   None of them matched.  My grandpa had his favorite hammer, heavy and short handled, my dad's was different with a lighter head and a longer handle.  I read a book about tools made in the prior centuries and how each tool was designed to the stature of the owner, the surroundings of where they lived and how they personally would use the tool. Each tool was meant to fit the owner, not the owner to fit the tool.

When I started making nets, I found that people had often lost their voice to ask for something personal, specifically made for their requirements.  I work to provide a net that fits your style of fishing, your favorite waters, your style of wading and your personal taste/aesthetic.  There are several website pages that can help guide you through the basic components of a net.  

As you  look through the website, identify nets that have the features you like and forward me your ideas.  I am glad to work with you via email or direct contact.

The major features you will need to identify are:                                                           The general size of the net: Small, Traditional, Large.

Handle style

Hoop style

Wood selection

Added features 

 You may identify  a net on the website that has a combination what you want.  You might say, "I like the size of Net A,  the handle of Net B, the Hoop style of Net C, the wood of Net D and  I want the X feature added from the Gallery.

 I can add an inscription to the net for no extra charge.  There is a 3-4 month turn around for custom nets. 

I request a refundable $100 deposit at the time of order. 

Before I start the final finish I will send you a picture of the net I have created for you.  You should feel free to decline its purchase if it does not meet your expectations.  I have found that my nets always seem to find a home.  After I add an inscription and complete the finial finish I will not be able to refund your deposit.

My nets start at $220 and increase according to added features and wood selection. 



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