Back in the shop, spring is just around the corner.

Small Tenkara-style wooden landing net: Curly Maple with an accents of cherry and walnut


This Tenkara style net has a 13 inch handle of curly Maple and a 10 x 9 inch circular hoop of curly Maple. (about 32 inch circumference).  There is a small accent segment of cherry in the handle and an accent strip of walnut in the hoop.

The amount of force required to make a circular hoop was surprising, these continue to be a challenge and are on the edge of feasibility. That is why I keep making them.  (Nuts-o)   This style can be custom ordered in a variety of woods. The net has a deep epoxy finish. All of my fly fishing nets are signed and numbered.

The net has a bucket style net bag which cradles the fish in the bottom rather than bending their spine.

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