Back home in the shop and on the river. Yes, there was one that got away. But what a story.

Medium sized Trout Net : Walnut and Ash


A good choice for the trout angler, this landing net combines outstanding construction and appearance.  This net highlights the 8 inch ash and walnut handle framing it with the black walnut and ash hoop measuring 12 x 10 inches.  This is kind of the mirror image with of the other ash and walnut net.  Here the walnut dominates the net with the ash acting as an accent.  The hoop style is the classic shape.

This style of landing net may be custom ordered in various woods or with slightly larger hoop and ghost net bag. Each net is signed and numbered. All nets are finished with a unique epoxy finish. All nets have a custom shop made brass eye for attaching the net to your vest or belt.

Also available with a custom leather case.   Price for Net and custom leather case is $600.  Please contact me to order.

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