Back in the saddle and chasing steelhead! Hoping to get to the lath and make some brass eyes.

Medium sized landing net in White oak and walnut.


Mother Nature gave me this design. There were multiple defects in a beautifully grained and colored piece of wood.  I was intrigued and cut out a handle filling the defects with deep red epoxy. The handle has an end cap of walnut. (You could say the bugs in the system produced this design.)

This Medium sized landing net has a the curved wind-in the-willows handle. The curved oak handle is about 8 inches long. The Dickerson style hoop has contrasting layers of quarter-sawn white oak and walnut.  The hoop  measures 9 by 13 inches. 

This fly fishing net style  is available in a variety of woods, hoop shapes and sizes. All nets feature a soft nylon catch and release bag or may be fitted with a ghost bag, as a custom option. All nets are signed and numbered.  

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