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Words from customers and now friends.

December 03, 2019 1 Comment

Koa and maple landing net with antler and scrimshaw.

I started making nets for my own enjoyment but as any creator of art or craft we soon want to show our work to others.  First, I started sharing my work with friends and then started appearing at an occasional fishing event.   The feed back from those events and the people I met gave me the inspiration to carry on in the craft. I always try to listen to the person who see a detail or defect I missed.  As in life, listen to those who praise you,  but listen even harder to those who don't, because they may teach you something new.  

Now after 25 years of shows, classes and questions my life is richer because of the men and women I have met. They have started as customers but now I call many of them friends. 

I would like to share some of their emails and comments. Please feel free to offer your feed back and insight about my nets. 

You will note the funny dates, I have collected these over the years and haven't figured out how to share them until recently. 


Sept 2018


 Well done, could not be happier Thanks for including -Made for E. W. I will be building nets all winter and am so glad you shared your skill with me. I have learned so much and every net is unique.  My mind just runs wild with possibilities. My birthday is 8/8/59 so the net number is 888 is close, I can’t imagine making that many nets and all the different ones you may have done - You are the Master. Thank you again

Earl W.


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Javier G.
Javier G.

December 03, 2019

Fantástico outstanding work

You are an artiste!

Thanks my friend



December 2019

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