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November 30, 2018 2 Comments

Page of catalog featuring the class description.

No show for 2021 but returning 2022.  Location: Detroit, Michigan.  I am planning to be at the 2022 Mid-West Fly Fishing Show, with my nets and net building supplies.  It is the largest fly fishing show in the mid-west. The always have a great line up of presentations.    I will be demonstrating landing net construction in a live demonstration during that weekend. 

September 2021: I am planning to again teach at  Marc Adams School of Woodworking in September 2021.  The 2 day weekend  class will start with a quick over view of the various methods for constructing landing nets as well as design considerations. The first day, students will be shown quick and easy methods for developing a custom design. Participants will make a gluing form and handle inset. There will be a demonstration  on preparing the wood strips and warm water bending. Each student will have a chance to bend sample lamination strips. After a discussion of clamping systems and a demonstration of the gluing method, all students will glue their own net frame. During the class there will be a discussion of decorating and finishing techniques. On the second day, students will remove the net frame from the form and begin the sanding and machining process to produce the base frame. Each student will shape their handle to a personally pleasing contour before starting the final sanding and detailing. After a discussion of net bag attachment techniques, The students will be guided in the steps to complete their net. Along the way there should be time to discuss fishing, flies and life.

key points:

Overview of landing net construction

Easy methods of design

Quick and easy wood bending

Preserving symmetry with center lines and registration marks

Successful clamping and gluing of complex parts

Don’t worry about mistakes, your instructor has already made them all.


Home workshop Classes, Grand Rapids, Michigan: $600

Flexible scheduling at this time.   

I will be conducting a class at my home shop in net building later in 2021 (after the vaccine is released).  This has a limited class size (4 students) designed  to not only to teach landing net construction but teach you the details about workshop set up and correcting mistakes. The class starts Friday afternoon, followed by full day sessions Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning we finish the class by starting the application of finish. Tuition is $600.

Day one: Optional 1/2 day: Meet and greet, Review shop safety, select and bend wood strips for use the following day. Making fixtures and hardware. 

Day two: Full day: Discuss net design. How to develop patterns and molds.  Prep and glue up. 

Day three: Full day: Unclamp, sand, machine, and hand shape net frame. Prep for finishing, adding custom features. 

Day four: Optional 1/2 day: Applying finish, attaching the net bag and making hardware.

Please contact me directly to reserve your spot in the class. I arrange a date based on preferences of the Students. 

I also conduct custom classes $600/day (2 students). Minimum of 2 days.  Single student discount $450/day.  Contact me directly to arrange a date. 

Three landing nets made with  various woods.

 Recent student work from a home shop class. (November 2019)

2 Responses

Dave Williams
Dave Williams

December 04, 2019

November 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed the class and more importantly getting to know you.
Wow I have not quit talking about the experience since I got home. I have added the 3” and 4” spindles to the Jet spindle sander. I have been on Craigslist and Ebay looking for the Dayton motor and I am picking up a welders floor vise on Friday once I get home from a business trip. What an impression you have made!
Let me know when your next Fly Fishing show will be. I want to have your new logo plaque ready in time for its debut.
Again I was serious about helping you with any future class or volunteering to assist with net building in the future.

Please stay in touch, I would love to get you in the boat or meet you at a river sometime.

David W

Al J.
Al J.

December 02, 2018

Before taking your class at Marc Adams, I self taught myself how to make a net. After taking your class, my skills took a quantum leap.

I am retired now and spend more time in my shop. I take a much more thoughtful approach to my woodworking.



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