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Creating Your Own Custom Landing Net

There are so many possible combinations that often people have difficulty making a final selection. To help you choose a landing net, I have designed this section with pictures to illustrate the different options.  Your choices can be broken down into four separate elements: first the handle length, second the handle style, the third hoop size, and fourth the hoop shape. After selecting each of these basic elements, go to wood choices and continue your selections. If  you wish, you may also add custom features.  I will be glad to assist you with your decisions.

I. Handle Lengths:

     *Short handles are approximately 8-10 inches. This is my most popular length. It has the advantage of being compact when walking through streamside brush, around. and over obstacles.
      *Long handles are approximately 12-16 inches. This length is popular for fishing rivers where wading is difficult and mobility limited when landing a fish. 
Other Extended length handles can be requested.       


II. Select a handle shape: The shape of a handle is very personal. Pick a shape that pleases your eye. All handles are profiled by hand to maximize the comfort during use.

  • Short handle styles:  


  • 12 inch  Longer  handle styles:                        


  •   20 inch or longer Extended handles


III. Hoop Size: The next step is to choose a hoop size.

  • To give you an idea of the relative size of the hoop dimensions to each other, here is a picture of  three hoops in "large", "standard" and "small" side by side. The "large" size is used for canoe nets or as a large carry net that will still fit comfortably across the back of an average sized person (hoop circumference 42").  The "standard" size is a good choice for the typical fly fishing angler. These nets are sturdy and will handle trout up to 20 inches without difficulty  (hoop circumference 36"). The "small" hoop is best for small streams with fish that are measured by their beauty not their inches (hoop circumference 32") .


IV. Hoop Shape: For each hoop size you have a choice of style. Again this is a personal preference. I suggest you pick the shape that is most pleasing to you. 

  • This first group are the shape choices for the large sized hoops. These shapes are used for the "Steelheader" (A) and the "Classic Canoe Net" (B) on the Net Styles  page. These are about 42 inches in circumference (approximately a 14" X 13" hoop).


                                                  I have added a slightly larger hoop for use as a boat net.  This frame has a circumference of about 45-48 inches

                                        and can ordered with either a woven nylon bag or a rubber bag                   



  • These are my "standard" size hoops. They measure 36 inches in circumference (approximately 9" X 13"). All are featured on the Net Styles  page.
                                                                                                                Left to right: Classic, Cane Classic/Dickerson, Eastern, GB Special


  • This last group is the smaller hoops which measure 33-34  inches in circumference (approximately 8" X 10").
  •  They are (left to right)  "The Friar", "The Brook Trout" and the "The Cane Classic" 
  •  all are on the Net Styles  page.