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                                                    Gallery of Custom Landing Nets

This gallery features a sample of landing nets I have created over the last fifteen years. They are being enjoyed by fellow sportsmen.

Look through the gallery and see if any of them spark your interest, I maybe able to create something similar for you.

I will continue to add custom landing nets as they are finished.

Check back periodically for some new pictures and ideas.


                                                                                        1.  Black walnut, caribou, and mastodon ivory, estimate-$400-500. 

2. Texas ebony and birds eye maple, I still love to see the colors "pop" as I apply the finish. A truly handsome net.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      3. Orvis special edition, birdseye maple, black walnut, with deer antler handle end and scrimshaw of dry fly.with traditional net bag.     



                                                                                                 4.  Layered bamboo handle with figured maple and Texas ebony.
                                                                                                                                      Starting $380-400           

Inspired by nature. I could see the back of a brown trout in this board. I  have inlaid brass wire and walnut to create the outline of the trout. Since no two boards are the same, I keep hunting.


                                                                                                                                                 6. Boxelder and Texas ebony,  starting $300-350




                                    7.   American Chestnut, Red Elm and Ash.  Similar nets   $225-250.          




                                                              8. Black Walnut and Boxelder with Elk antler cap, similar net $300-325

.                                                        Close-up of handle end with brass braid.      





                                                                                                 9.  Walnut and Birds eye maple  net with carved brown trout and deer antler. $400-600




10. Boxelder and walnut as reviewed in Gun and Garden 2010.

11.  It is fun to be pushed a little, this net was the result of a request to build a curved handle in the style of a classic Tenkara net....
       In White Oak and bamboo... $300-350.

12. Inspired by nature.  I caught this double trouble while fishing a small stream in Wisconsin's Driftless Area.  I felt inspired to make this pair of nets.



!3.  He asked for something special to honor his son and grandchildren.  His story created this net. Birthstones set into the stylized outline of a trout, against a dark back ground of walnut.