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Gallery of Favorite Landing Net Styles

These are some of my favorite combinations of landing net handle and hoop options. These styles evolved after interaction with other fishermen reflecting the changes in the overall size of the nets (especially the hoop), the shape of the hoops, or the contour of the handles.

It seems the possessions I enjoy most have a story around them. If you have a different inspiration, contact me. Together we can create a new fly fishing net design for your story. These styles are available in a variety of wood selections and with other design details. All sizes are approximations. 


The Classic 

Originally I was inspired to start making fly fishing nets by Ron Reinholdt, a net maker in Northern Michigan. His landing nets looked back to classic English trout streams. This design catches some of that same feeling. This landing net's "traditional" hoop shape is modified from a classic Valentine heart. The longer "classic" handle makes this a good landing net for those who fish bamboo rods or longer fly rods. This landing net is also a good choice when fishing waters that are difficult to wade. The extra reach can be very helpful.   These net have a hoop of 14 x 9 inches with a a handle of 10-12 inches. 

   Classic 1                                                                                                    Classic 2     
Dimensions: Hoop 9 inches by 14 inches. Handle length 10-12 inches. Total length 25 inches.         Birds eye maple with black walnut hoop.  Fitted with a white tail deer antler rosette and medallion inlay.
Shown is purple heart and maples with the "split wood handle"

The Beaverkill

While fishing out East on the Beaverkill, I had the pleasure to meet Tom and his son casting fine bamboo rods and sipping good scotch. Tom brought piece after piece of historical fly fishing objects to share with me. They wanted a "traditional" hoop with a shorter handle. During the conversation we designed this landing net.  Hoop is 14 x 9 inches with a handle of 8-10 inches.  Shown in American Black Walnut.

                Beaverkill 1   
The Western

Sometimes friends come and go too quickly. Mark had been in Grand Rapids only a year before he was moving back to the West with his family. He wanted a modern style handle and this unique handle shape was conceived.

Shown in Waterfall Ash, part of the only board I have ever seen.                                                                      American Black Cherry, note the stripping is from the combination of cherry and maple for the hoop.

The Eastern

 This slightly more rounded shape evolved from my "traditional" hoop shape.  This fly fishing net looks great with a curved flowing handle.

  Eastern 1

                     Shown in cherry handle with walnut and maple hoop.

  Eastern 2
A very special net with a handle of burl maple and Texas Ebony  with an end cap of Elk antler.  The hoop is curly maple and Texas Ebony.           

The Brook Trout

Those who fish for Brook Trout often develop a special relationship to this brilliantly colored fish. As I was expanding my custom tooling, the machinist involved in that work began to talk of his love of fishing. He has a secret stream which he fishes only on special occasions. Together we evolved this slightly smaller trout net to hold those delicate fish. Hoop is 10 x 8 inches with an 8 inch handle.

                                                                                                                        Shown in walnut with sycamore accent strip. Brook trout 1


The Friar's Frying Pan

Father John reminisced about a landing net he purchased in a small shop in the East when he was a younger man. He loved its circular shape but the trout net and the fly shop are now only memories. Together we designed this fishing net. This is a great landing net for small streams.   The hoop is about 9 x 10 inches. Shown with a 10 inch handle. 

Friar's Frying Pan
The net with the darker frame is walnut with a handle of curly maple.  The lighter net is butternut with a detail strip of mahogany.

American Tenkara

There are those conversations that introduce you to a whole different world of ideas and view point.  A call about building a net  introduced me to the Japanese style of Tenkara fishing.  I have admired Japanese design and their respect for hand craft,  I hope this design reflects that aesthetic.

                                                                                                           American Tenkara
                                                                                   Shown in curly maple  with 10 inch hoop and 16 inch handle.

After being asked about a curved handle,  this net has evolved further.                      

          American Tenkara 2

This net has a handle of Texas ebony with a yoke of layered bamboo.  The hoop is of bamboo laminates. The net is strung into the frame using the traditional Tenkara style.

Cane Classic

Mr. Dickerson produced some of the finest cane rods made anywhere, right here in Michigan. He also made landing nets. I had the privilege of inspecting one of his creations. This hoop shape was inspired by that opportunity. 

                                                   Shown in walnut with a hoop of sycamore and walnut.


The Wind In The Willows

Mother Nature gave me this design. There was a curved intrusion in a beautifully grained piece of walnut. I was intrigued and cut out a handle following its shape. The finished landing net reminded me of a willow bent by the wind next to a favorite trout stream.

                                                   Shown in chestnut handle with split handle of  walnut and maple burl.
                                                   The diamond shaped inset is of moose antler.

Another curved handle with multiple pieces of black palm and zebrawood.                                                              

The GB Special

For 20 years GB carried the paper pattern of  a old broken old landing net he had seen while fishing in the Adirondacks.  During a conversation, he told me the story of this broken trout net and his pattern. This fly fishing net is the result of translating the paper pattern into wood.   The hoop is elongated and is 14 x 8 inches. The handle varies by the design.

Shown in a split handle of Ash and black walnut with a hoop of black walnut.

The River Guide

As I have made and used long handled nets on numerous rivers my designs have evolved.  Currently these working nets are made with a hoop circumference of either 46 or 56 inches.    I am using a light weight rubber bag in many of these nets, attaching the net bag with plastic ties to avoid drilling the frame and allow easy replacement as the bag ages.   This net design  is a good compromise between size and ease of use. I have changed handle construction which now makes it possible to make net handles up to four feet in length.


                     Nets may vary from 36 inches to 60 inches in length. Pricing starts at $350.


The style of my boat nets keeps evolving here is my latest style change........I have started stringing the nets in the tradition of the Tenkara nets.........