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Available Landing Nets

 For the last several years I have listed some of the nets that I have in stock each spring before trout opener and again in the late fall before Christmas.  I appreciate all of the kind comments and feed back that I have received.  Each of my landing nets is unique so the nets I have in stock will vary ( you can always contact me if you see something you like for a special request.)  All the nets shown here are completely finished and ready for shipping.  I can not add inscriptions or personal messages to these nets, as these must be added before the final finish is completed.  (I can add that to a custom order, current waiting time is about 4-6  months.)   I may have some nearly ready nets and will be able to add an inscription before the final finish.  I would be glad to send additional pictures of any of these nets to aid you in making a final selection.  I add postage and insurance to the stated price of the net.  This typically is about $20 domestic $30 Canada and $40 to most the rest of the world.

Spring 2017:    A new year, a new spring,  new possibilities.  Have been in the workshop building nets and on the computer building a new website. It should be out soon, a little different but more nets  past and present.  Keep your eye out, it should hatch soon. 




                                                                       I wanted to give you an idea of the relative size of the landing net styles on this page, this picture
demonstrates the progression  in size from the standard trout net to my largest carry nets.  The nets are listed on this page from the smallest nets to the larger nets lower on the page.
 (I have made custom nets that have hoops up to 70 inches in circumference.)

My Smallest Nets
These net are made for smaller streams and delicate fish. They have a 32" to 34" hoop circumference with a  total length 16-18". 


#563-11 This is a smaller brook trout style net. It measures 18 inches over all, with a GB hoop of bamboo, ash and hickory. 
The 8 inch handle is walnut, with a 6 x 11 inch hoop.



# 960-16 A small net with an 8 inch handle of colorful boxelder, this isn't stained or painted, nature did the magic. The  6.5 x 10 inch Dickerson style hoop, is of maple and walnut.   The net is about 18 inches in length......$210

Small Traditional Trout Landing Nets
These nets have a 34 inch circumference hoop (12 by 7.5 inches) with an overall length of ~20 inches.  These are a good size for fish up to 18 inches.
 This size is often selected by those fishing smaller rivers and walking extended distances as they pursue the sport.



#957-16 This net is of  walnut and boxelder.  The void and defects in the wood are filled with epoxy and add color and depth.   The handle measures 8.5 inches with a Dickerson style hoop, 12 x 9 inches.........$250



American Tenkara: I have been thinking a lot about why I like fly fishing.  I was standing with a big grin on my face as I landed a beautiful fish.  Back at the car I was talking to another fisherman, he was fishing hardware and had done really well, he had at least tripled the number of fish I caught for the day, yet I realized I wouldn't trade.   I love the direct feeling of the wild connected to my hands.  Tenkara fishing is even a closer connection to that sense of a free life, it is reaching out and touching wild beauty........

# 907-15


                                                                                                                  #953-16 Slightly longer handle and a green net bag.

#907-15 and 953-16  Tenkara style fishing originated in Japan using a long flexible rod and no reel. This style of fishing required a net with a longer handle.
The length of this net is also good for traditional bamboo rods to protect their delicate tips.   This
net is heavily figured hard maple with beautiful grain and color. ....about 23 inches in length with a hoop of 9 x 10 inch and a handle of 12.5 inches. It has a traditional bucket style net bag.....$210  
(I have two in stock)




#935-16 This is a net has a handle of curly white oak.  This is the wood of choice for whisky barrels. (too bad I wasted it on a net handle).  The hoop is figured maple, giving a nice contrast.  The handle is 14 inches with a hoop of 10 x 9 inches. .....$210



#922-16  So many of my custom nets start as "Have you ever". In this case it was make a net of Koa.  When you get enough wood for one there always seems enough for two. This is salvage lumber as the trees are protected in Hawaii. The handle is 14 inches with a hoop 9 x 10 inches. ...$275


Medium Traditional Trout Landing Nets  
  The 36" hoop circumference (13 inches by  9 inches) and a total length of 22-24 inches is an excellent choice for a general carry net.

#755-14 The net in the 2 pictures above has an Eastern hoop with a Wind-in-the-Willows  handle. The net measures 22 inches long with a 14 inch by 13 inch hoop made of walnut.
 The 8.5 inch handle is spalted maple... $220



#940-16 This net has a handle of figured maple and purple heart. The 11 inch handle features an accent of purple heart.    The 13 by 8.5 inch classic shaped hoop is figured maple and purple heart...$220 




 #952-16  I try and use every piece of  American chestnut when I am fortunate enough to find a solid piece of this historic wood with beautiful grain and markings. The handle is of chestnut with a hoop of ash and walnut.  There is a band of walnut that accents the handle. 11 inch handle, with a hoop of 13 x 9 inches...... $250   .....Sold                                                                                                      




# 951-16 The Eastern style hoop of walnut and a single accent of  sycamore set off the this curved handle of birds eye maple and walnut with the Elk antler handle end.    The nets measures about 20 inches with a hoop of 9 by 12 inches and an 9 inch handle....$275


#632-12 This net combines an Eastern style hoop with a Western Style handle. The net  measures 22 inches long with a 12 inch by 10 inch hoop.  Both the handle and hoop are made of ash and walnut......$210



#941-16  A heavily figured 8.5 inch white oak handle combines with a GB special hoop of mahogany and maple 14 x 8 inches. The over all net is 42 inches......  $220 Sold



#913-15  A clean style and understated woods.  The Dickerson hoop 13 x 9 inches of mahogany and birch combine with an 8.5 inch handle of mahogany.  A handsome net....$210


#937-16  This net combines purple heart and butternut in a rich striking combination.  The Western style 9 inch  handle is combined with a 13 x 9 inch classic hoop.....$220



#718-13 A Tenkara style net with a gently curved, hand carved cherry handle flowing into the hoop of bamboo. The contrasting woods emphasized  the added laminations at the yoke that add strength to the hoop and outline the flair of the handle. The net measures 23 inches, with a 12 inch handle and a hoop measuring 11 by 9 inches. The net bag is attached in the tradition manner....... $330



#958-16 This 20 inch net combines a 12 by 10 inch Eastern  hoop with the 8.5 inch Wind in the Willows style handle.  I always seem to have a little bit of this and that in the shop. This net has a burl maple and walnut with a hoop of cherry and maple.... $275

Larger Carry Landing Nets
These larger nets are designed for bigger water and solid fish.  They typically measure 26-30 inches.  I only make a few some they tend to disappear.



#704-13 The handle measuring 9 inches is a combination of Australian lacewood and American quarter sawed sycamore, with a brass wrap. The 9 x 15 inch hoop is of sycamore and mahogany......$275



remium Landing Nets
 In this section are nets with a combination of unusual materials and added features.


#XXX This style was inspired by a trip to South Africa.  The animals and the land had warm browns and tans in the dry season. This net captures that feeling with the Zebra-wood and Texas ebony in the handle and hoop.  The blocks of black palm represent the patterns seen in the animals and forms the handle center.  The net measures 23 inches with an 8 inch handle and a 13 by 9 inch hoop. $400 (I have one that will be joining the website soon)



#950-16  This is one of my favorite designs.  The woods are  from about as far south and north as you can go in this country.  From the south comes Texas ebony, another urban harvest wood.  I discovered a supply and have stocked enough for my limited needs.  Hard to work with, I love the rich dark brown and blacks in the wood.  From as North as you can go in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan, comes some of the best birds eye maple in the world.  These woods combine delightfully in this net. The deer antler rosette (the base of an antler) gives the net a classic look.  This is a style that I try to keep in stock.   The handle is about 9 inches with a hoop of 10 x 12 inches.  ......$400


                                  # 942-16  Brookie  $375  

           # 955-16  Mr. Rainbow trout  $375
 You are walking down the river and there in the bottom of a pool you see a trout, it rolls and drifts.  How did that fish just disappear?  Sometimes a piece of wood can show you a picture.   I look for boards with shading and grain where I can see that brown trout.   I am always working on another net in this style.  Each net is unique, I draw each fish on the handle to optimize the position and size, then hand inlay the brass and details.   ..... $375--$400



#948-16 This steelheader style hoop measures 12 x 14 inches with a 13 inch elk antler handle. The net in the 2 pictures above measures 30 inches in length with a hoop and yoke  made of American black walnut.......$450



#949-16  Made of American black walnut with a handle inset of catalpa, this is an excellent net to handle larger trout and steelhead. The net is about 30 inches long with a 14 inch handle and a 15 x 11 inch steelheader hoop.  The net is crowned with a larger deer antler......$375


#691-13  This net is a combination of Elk antler and walnut.  There is a gentle sweep to the entire handle.  The hoop in 12 x 10 inches with a handle of 12 inches. ...$350



#687-13 Dickerson hoop with Elk horn handle. This net measures 30 inches in length with a 10 inch by 12 inch hoop made of walnut. The 15 inch handle is walnut and caribou. This net is bold and sculptural ......$450

                                                                                                                Always room for one more.     .

                  Another crazy idea.  Just about completed.  Koa and bamboo