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Fish "n" Nets

These are pictures from the fishing adventures of my friends as well as a few of my own...Send along one of yours with one of my nets.....or just a special fishing picture.

All fish look their best in a custom landing net.



                                                                        A nice brown on flying ants on the Big Horn



                                                                                                                        From my friends in Patagonia



                                   Alaska rainbow                                                          Beautiful Yellowstone Cutthroat                                 




                                                                                             Spring creek brown...with a guide net....thanks Glenn

                                     McCoy spring creek rainbow.


                                             A nice native Michigan brown...........


                                                            Evening on the BigHorn.....

Fishing is about People, Places, Fish.....remember the order and enjoy the journey......

The Viking path on the River Wharfe..........thank you Nic and Jackie


                                          The Cloud River in New Zealand, Thanks to my guide Martin, beautiful fish, beautiful rivers.

Fishing with my best friend on the Green River.  (Note the beautiful net)