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Custom Wood Choices for Your Landing Net

I find putting together woods with multiple colors and tones to be very enjoyable. If you choose to create your own custom landing net, selecting the combination of woods may seem very difficult. This section is designed to help you through that process. Unless you have a preference for a specific wood species, I suggest you start with the appearance and I can help you select the wood.

First start by deciding if you like the hoop (also called the frame) to have a uniform color or if you prefer layers of contrasting woods. The picture below demonstrates three choices of frames. The top frame is made of contrasting colored woods. The middle frame is made of layers of light colored wood. The bottom frame is made of layers of dark wood.


This next picture shows  landing nets with light color frames and either a dark or a light handle.

Light wood: curly maple    dark wood: Texas ebony

Next are three trout nets with frames of contrasting woods with dark to light handles.

                                                                                                                  Walnut, catalpa, curly maple handles

Below are two landing nets with dark frames with either a light or a dark handle.

                                                   Wood combinations,  Light hoop and handle , followed by mixed wood hoops with light to dark handles, ending with  a dark hoop and handle