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Custom Landing Nets: Wood Combinations

These close-up pictures of landing net frames and handles are to help you visualize some of the many possible wood

combinations available.  Do not feel limited to these few samples....


             Birdseye maple handle and frame.



                                                                                  American Black Walnut frame and Birdseye Maple handle inset



          Black Walnut and American Sycamore                                                                           Butternut, Black Walnut and Maple.



         Catalpa, Black Walnut, and American Sycamore                                  American Cherry, Black Walnut and Curly Maple



                         Spalted Maple and Black Walnut                                          Texas Ebony and Birdseye Maple



      Redwood with birch and mahogany                                                             Quarter sawed oak and bamboo



              American Black Walnut  handle and frame                American Lacewood (sycamore)  and Australian Lacewood           



                Spalted Maple and Black Walnut                                             Texas Ebony,  heartwood and sapwood



           American Chestnut, American Elm, and Ash                                               Texas Ebony and Boxelder



                                                           Watch for more pictures as nets are finished and added.